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Does LED Lights Attract Insects?

Does LED Lights Attract Insects? We have all experienced a nice night turn into frustration as bugs fly about ruining our evening. If you're looking at expanding your current outdoor lighting you may wonder if LED lights attract insects more often or in greater numbers. Unfortunately, there's nothing that we can do to completely [...]

2023-07-30T10:35:27-04:00August 1st, 2023|Landscape Lighting, Residential Outdoor Lighting|

7 Benefits of Fresh Air and Being Outdoors in the Evening

Benefits of Fresh Air and Being Outdoors in the Evening As the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle in the darkening sky here in Naples Florida, a magical world unfolds. The evening air carries a sense of tranquility and wonder, beckoning us to step outside and embrace the twilight. Beyond the allure [...]

Adding Moonlighting To Your Home

Creating Moonlighting Magic in Your Outdoor Spaces When mild evening weather is with us, we enjoy the outdoors. Many people love entertaining, or enjoying a meal or after dinner drinks outdoors. In earlier posts we talk about the many different types of lighting that is available to bring your property to life. One [...]

Walkway Lighting Basics – 5 Great Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting Basics - Walkway Lighting Understanding walkway lighting basics can help you stay safe around your home. Few places of our landscaping can benefit more from a strategic lighting plan than walkways. They add a sophisticated beauty, increase visibility, and improve the security of our homes. Hiring a professional to add landscape [...]

LED Bulbs and Solid State Lighting Options

Which Lighting Options are Best SSL or LED? In previous posts we talked about the options and what to expect when purchasing lighting from a big box store. In this article we wanted to touch on 2 different types of lights. We will examine the pros and cons of Solid State Lighting and [...]

6 Best Landscape Areas To Light up with Landscape Lighting

Best Landscape Areas To Light Up Deciding what landscape areas to light up can really make the difference when it comes to the final look. It's not just simply pushing some lights on a stick into the group around trees. The type of lights, the color of the light, location and feel all [...]

3 Reasons Palm Tree Outdoor Lights Are a Must Have

Palm Tree Outdoor Lights Why are palm tree outdoor lights right for you? Well, for many of us that move to Florida, the highlight of our landscaping are beautiful palm trees. Seems there are an almost endless variety to choose from. We quickly realize the cost of these palms are just as varied. [...]

2023-02-07T15:03:38-05:00February 5th, 2023|Landscape Lighting, Residential Outdoor Lighting|

Best Commercial Outdoor Lighting Ft Myers

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Ft Myers What is it about the evenings as the sun sets and the lights come on around town that we love this time of day? The business signs light up, pathways illuminate and we just love it. We all are visual by nature. We enjoy seeing a delicious dinner [...]

2023-01-07T14:18:02-05:00January 6th, 2023|Landscape Lighting, Commercial Outdoor Lighting|

Free Benefits of Lights Installed on Lanai

Lights Installed on Your Lanai When you move to Florida or spend an extended amount of time here, you realize why we love our lanai on our homes. Enjoying your morning coffee with the mild temperatures to sitting out in the afternoon without the mosquitoes eating you alive. One of the main reason people [...]

2023-03-18T21:32:51-04:00December 2nd, 2022|Landscape Lighting|

Outdoor Lighting in Ft Myers and Naples Free Tips

Outdoor Lighting in Ft Myers and Naples As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for". When you decide to upgrade or update your outdoor lighting in Ft Myers and Naples, there is only one company to consider. Lightscapes Inc.  For decades we have been designing, installing and standing behind our [...]

2022-10-22T12:39:35-04:00November 3rd, 2022|Landscape Lighting, Residential Outdoor Lighting|
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