Capture the beauty of the night. Imagine you are on your way home from a really hard day at work. The traffic is terrible and you will get home an hour later than you normally do. It’s almost dark and you certainly aren’t in the best mood.

How would you feel if, when you came around the last corner, you could roll back the darkness and see your beautifully landscaped home all lit up and displayed as it should be?

You have invested a lot of money in to make your house and landscaping look just as you planned.  So, why let all of that beauty disappear at night? With a flick of a switch, or a carefully programmed timer, you can reveal the beauty of your house, even at night with our carefully designed lighting themes.

Feel welcomed when you come home late at night and your home is beautifully lit all around. When done correctly, landscape lighting brings out the best in what you have. Highlighting your home and drawing attention to the most beautiful elements using lights to highlight your landscape. For example, your front yard is the first impression most people get when they come to visit your home.  You want them to feel welcomed and safe as they walk down your softly illuminated walkways. With many homeowners they want us to design and install lighting in the front yard, and once complete they want the entire house lit up! The second is what they see just before they ring your doorbell.  This tells visitors what you want them to think of you as a person.  Larry Lattanzio will offer advice, but will always listen and make sure the customers get what they want. Larry has many years experience in professional theatrical lighting that he learned from working on stage lighting for Alice Cooper. You should read this article about Larry Lattanzaio and Lightscapes and why he has a unique background making him the most talented outdoor lighting designer.

Picture of outdoor landscape lighting around a pool area of Naples home

For over 40 years, our goal has been to light our customer’s homes with a dramatic flair – to make them stand out in a very beautiful way. When you get time, check out our gallery showcasing our amazing landscape lights. Our goal is to give our customers the highest value possible in the quality of the work we do and the products we use, and the beautiful end results we create.  So, let Landscape Lighting by Lightscapes help you “Light Up a Beautiful Evening”.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up an appointment today for us to come to your home and discuss ways to make it more beautiful with decorative lighting, give Larry Lattanzio, a call. He will discuss what you would like to have created using our low voltage LED landscape lighting. What is your goal? Is it a great mood?  Is it to help you relax? Is it to highlight certain features of your landscape? Let’s talk about more ways you can enjoy the beautiful evening lifestyle Southwest Florida is known for. You will love what we do.

We also appreciate the hard work and dedication of our military. If you have served, or active duty, please accept our special discount as a token of appreciation for your service. You can complete an estimate request online with your discount here.


Let us show you how your backyard should look.

Think about this. You’re sitting on your lanai watching a beautiful sunset. Suddenly you realize the sun has set and it’s dark. Now what? You most likely have a few options. You can either turn on the lights on your lanai (if you have any). Or, you can sit in the dark and look out over your landscaped backyard – which is beautiful during the day.

How about choice number three? Have Lightscapes install a custom lighting system in your backyard that will let you enjoy the beautiful landscaping and home you worked hard for? And, with just a flip of a switch, you can enjoy it anytime you want. We also will light up and bring to life your lanai and pool area as well, inviting you and your guests to stay longer and enjoy your time.

Experience for yourself the peaceful feeling you’ll get when you look out into your beautifully landscaped and lighted yard that is softly lit and not pitch black. A lot will depend on what landscaping features you already have (palms, waterfalls, etc.). One common mistake is to treat everything the same. Are you looking for subtle or brighter lighting? A lot of lights or just a few?

Our goal is to paint for you a portrait in lights, based on your goals and our recommendations using experience we have gained over the past 40 years.

At Landscape Lighting by Lightscapes, we are so sure you will love the new beauty of a thoughtfully designed, top quality backyard landscape lighting system will add to your home, we are willing to set it up and show it to you for free.

Picture of Naples Florida home with a back yard lit up with outdoor lighting

We really enjoy doing free landscape lighting setups. When we are done, we get to enjoy the artistry with our new customer.

If you have any questions, give us a call now, or you can complete our online form for a free appointment to come to your home and discuss ways to make it more beautiful with decorative lighting. We will come and set up a temporary lighting system to show you exactly what a stunning difference a properly installed landscape lighting can make. Additionally we will share other options as well so you can enjoy the beautiful evening lifestyle Southwest Florida has to offer.


Your entryway should be safe and welcoming.

One of your very favorite things to do may be to invite your friends and neighbors over – to “hang out” at your home. The last thing you would want them to do is to slip and fall on the walkway. A properly lighted walkway invites your visitors and keeps their feet illuminated, helping to reduce the chance of a trip and fall.In addition to showing your guests their way in the dark, entry landscape lighting offers other benefits, including:

The most important feature of the front of your house is the entryway. We take special care when designing a lighting system for this area. We note the color and size of the house, the area foliage and the mood you want created. Are the occupants young or old? Do they have children or grandchildren? What emotional “stage” should we be trying to set? What do they want people to say about them? We have found the more questions asked the better we are able to help clients achieve their goals.

exterior home lighting naples

The entryway to your home is the star of the show. We will highlight and lead your guests through lighting which will always automatically be there. Finding your way around the garden, a tree, or even getting to the front door can be a real challenge.  This may become a real problem when sunset comes before dinner.  This is the season to enhance safety, security, and convenience and curb appeal with the “WOW” effect Lightscapes can create for your home. Allow us to create front yard lighting that is both beautiful and functional.

If you have any questions, give us a call or complete our online form for a free appointment to come to your home and discuss (and show you) ways to make it more beautiful with decorative lighting. We will talk about more ways you can enjoy your home and the beautiful evenings here in Southwest Florida.


Lighting is more than lifting darkness from the yard. It’s an invitation to experience the outdoors by subtle illumination. Hosting guests with perfectly adjusted lighting to highlight your beautiful property.

Creating a stunning outdoor retreat with patio, deck and pool lights is easier than you think. We understand the delicate balance of creating scenery lighting from your imagination. Southwest Florida has some amazing weather all year. Cool relaxing evenings outdoors are can only be enjoyed if you want to be outside. Why not take advantage of the cooler evenings and enjoy the outdoors anytime of the day?

Imagine leading your guests into your backyard with patio lights guiding their every step and into view of your lush beautiful landscaping. You set the mood for everyone to enjoy an evening of rich relaxation in the comfort of your home.

Our signature patio lighting systems are low voltage, with lifetime guaranteed fixtures and bulbs with a one-year guarantee. Our passion is lighting up your life one bulb at a time.


You always wanted a gazebo as your perfect outdoor getaway. Let’s make is look amazing and useful after the sun goes down.

A gazebo provides an inviting outdoor space in your lawn or garden to relax in the shade, to gather for an outdoor event, or to meditate on nature’s beauty. Subtly lighting the gazebo with specially designed LED lighting at night makes the space even more useful and welcoming and provides a bit of scenic decor for the yard or patio. Rather than the usual tiki torches or strand lighting, you can use low voltage landscape lighting to give your outdoor space an uplifting aura. I like to think of it as artistry.

If you are thinking about adding a low voltage lighting system to your gazebo, the first question I would ask would be: “where are you going to be sitting  or standing? Are you going to be inside looking out or outside looking in? We will install a lighting system that will work for both.

We also will install amazing lighting in your pool house, docks and just about any outdoor space you would like to highlight and use after dark.

We don’t use the factory dimness presets for out lighting. Light intensity, saturation, timing, color and more are all designed and set for the specific lighting scene we are designing.  Our customers tell us what they want, and that is what we do.  We will take whatever time is necessary to get them perfectly adjusted – exactly what the customer wants.

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