Nightscaping Lights

Nightscaping is becoming more popular throughout the US, especially here in Florida. As more homeowners have started to realize the benefits it provides, its popularity has spread, and entire neighborhoods are glowing at night. For those who have had homes with nightscape lighting they know that there’s no going back. However, those who haven’t experienced the beauty it provides, may wonder if it is worth the investment.

Why is Nightscaping Important?

There are many reasons to invest in nightscape lighting. However, there are a few that we think stand out more than the others.

Curb Appeal

An obvious benefit of installing nightscaping lights is increased curb appeal. There is nothing quite like driving up to a home that’s beautifully lit every night. Your neighbors will appreciate it, your guests will love it, and you will wonder how you managed without it.

Increased Home Value

A side effect of this instant facelift is an increase in your home’s value. Houses with well maintained, landscaped, and nightscaped yards sell more quickly and for more money than there less manicured neighbors.


Nightscaping goes beyond just curb appeal and increases both safety and visibility. Guests and people with impaired vision are safer when walking around at night if it’s well-lit. Nightscape lighting also makes our homes less vulnerable to burglars. After all, it’s much easier to rob a house that is completely dark than one with a bright and eye-catching landscape.

Trends in Nightscape Lighting

Nightscape lights have advanced both in quality and style over the last several years. As more homeowners are realizing the benefits of installing these lights, manufacturers have invested time in creating the perfect products. We think you might enjoy some of these new trends that are emerging in nightscape lighting.

Linear Lighting

Linear lighting is a sleek way to illuminate areas for added safety. This is done by installing strips of LED lights under stairs or other hardscape materials. It creates a modern look that easily blends into your homes design while increasing safety.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has become popular in both indoor and outdoor applications. This is done by installing lights flush with the overhang of a roof, above decks, or from the top of pergolas to illuminate the surface below. They also provide a clean look that accentuates your home and any additional features without distracting from them.


If you’re looking for lighting with a little bit more flair, you can’t go wrong with sconces or lawn bollards. These come in a variety of styles to match just about any preference available. You can choose from something more elegant and modern or go with something a little more classic and intricate. Whatever you choose, you will love the added feature for your home.

Smart Lighting

The latest trend in nightscape lighting follows along with a trend we are seeing in homes overall. And that is making the move toward smart devices and homes. Nightscape lighting can be tied to smart devices which you can control from anywhere. You can choose to have different settings available depending on the time of day or event and you can even choose to have automatic lighting whenever you want.

Nightscape lighting is the easiest and most beautiful way to update your homes yard. The increased value and curb appeal will not only make your wallet happy, but it will make your neighbors love you even more. Hopefully, in return they may decide to add nightscape lighting of their own and further drive-up values in your neighborhood.

If you’re wondering about nightscape lighting, trends, and what it would take to get your yard to the next level give us a call. We’re happy to talk through some options, explain more of the benefits, and let you look at some of our previous work. We think once you see the before and after’s, you’ll be ready to do a home makeover of your own.