Water Feature Lighting

Custom water feature lighting systems allow you to enjoy your gardens at night – in a whole new light!

Lighting up your water features at night is a beautiful and interesting way to prolong the enjoyment of your yard. It creates a feel from your water garden that you just can’t get during the day. Plants, fish and rocks take on a whole new beauty when illuminated at night. Outdoor water feature lighting should be both functional and aesthetic. It is a mixture of art and science to understand how much light to place in a water feature in order to highlight the focal points of the area.

Water feature considerations:

  • What water features do you want lit – fountain, fish pond, waterfall, water wall, or stream?
  • What is your goal for adding water feature lighting? Outdoor entertaining, safety, aesthetics?
Water feature lighting Naples
  • Where will you be sitting or standing when looking at the water feature?
  • Is there other landscaping/walkways around the water feature that needs to be incorporated into the lighting plan?

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Custom Waterfront Lighting

Custom waterfront lighting provides a dramatic accent to your waterfront landscape long after the sun sets.

Nothing says Southwest Florida living like watching a beautiful sunset from your beachfront or waterfront home. And even though you live in paradise, you may be faced with your own unique landscaping and outdoor lighting challenges. While moonlit water provides some lighting for your waterfront home, a low voltage waterfront lighting system can enhance the beauty and safety of your home.

Benefits of custom waterfront lighting

  • Increases curb appeal and home value
  • Create or extend outdoor living and entertaining spaces
Custom Waterfront Lighting
  • Provides safe walking areas for guests
  • Subtle, moonlit-feel lighting allows the water to still be seen
  • Turtle-friendly and compliant with turtle laws

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Pool Area Landscape Lighting

Pool landscape lighting lets you enjoy your backyard oasis, day or night.

Pools can range from a hole in the ground, filled with water, to a beautifully landscaped and illuminated work of art. Low voltage pool area landscape lighting that softly lights up your yard is a great way to increase the value of your home while enjoying your pool long after the sun sets.

Considerations for pool landscape lighting:

  • Soft pathway lights to illuminate the walk to the pool and ensure safety
  • Pool deck lighting highlights furniture, planters and water features
  • Lighting sets the tone for the pool; bright and fun, or soft and relaxing
  • Landscape lighting around the pool improves security
  • Pool lighting is eco-friendly as bulbs are 5-20 watts

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Pool Landscape Lighting Naples

Custom Dock Lighting

Turn your dock into an evening entertainment hotspot with custom dock lighting.

Docks serve four main purposes – to sit, to fish, to entertain and to tie off a boat. Safely speaking, these things can only be done during the daylight hours or with sufficient dock lighting. If you want to extend the use of your dock into the evening hours, custom dock lighting can make the space safe and functional, or give it dramatic flair perfect for entertaining guests.

Benefits of dock lighting:

  • Illuminates walkway and perimeter to keep guests safe
  • Improves curb appeal to passing boats and increases home value
  • Makes dock visible to passing boats to reduce accidents
  • Deters unauthorized use of the dock
  • Waterproof lights stand up to rain, waves, and being sprayed with a hose

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