Which Lighting Options are Best SSL or LED?

In previous posts we talked about the options and what to expect when purchasing lighting from a big box store. In this article we wanted to touch on 2 different types of lights. We will examine the pros and cons of Solid State Lighting and LED Bulbs and why you might want to use one over another. If you have any questions, or this article doesn’t cover all the points you would like, give us a call.

We love tough questions and the opportunity to meet even more of our neighbors. If you do not have landscape lighting installed at your house, you don’t have to worry about this article. We will go over light options with you and help you choose lights that are best suited for your style, taste, lighting requirements and the environment.

What is Solid State Lighting

First what is SSL or Solid State Lighting? This is also a LED source, but different from a bulb. Solid State Lighting is more compact as it is purpose manufactured for lighting. Some of the identifying features are fins around the LED to help remove generated heat. These are much smaller allowing lights to be added to into various applications. SSL are built with a LED chipset and lens thermally bonded to a fixture body. These fixtures are permanently sealed in a body that helps to keep moisture and air out of the working components of the light.

This helps these types of lights to last longer year after year without failing. You cannot replace your current light bulbs with SSL in most cases, as they are generally not manufactured as a replacement. What if you want to replace hot halogen lights in your landscape lightscapes with LED bulbs to save you money and keep them cool and safe to the touch? Read on!

What are LED Bulbs

Traditional filament lightbulbs are near impossible to find anymore. Why? The government is trying to save resources by eliminating the wasteful filament design of lights and replace them with energy efficient LED Bulbs. This isn’t new and for years now these replacement bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and applications. If you currently have a landscape lighting system with halogen bulbs you might be interested to know that LED bulb replacements are an option. These specialty bulbs can be purchased and replace your halogen bulbs.

Some of the benefits include reduction in electric usage and longer lasting life before needed to be replaced. LED bulbs are also cooler to the touch reducing fire and risk of burning. If you already have really good quality brass, copper or stainless-steel lighting fixtures that you love, you don’t have to replace them. With new LED bulbs you also have the ability to change up colors as well.

Most importantly, your LED bulbs landscape lighting should be a reflection of your success and beautiful home. Bring your home to light with carefully designed and installed landscape lighting. If you have an existing system and you would like to upgrade, add more lighting or just change the feel, let us know. We will inspect your current lights and give you an honest opinion as to what is the best for your property. We may be able to reuse lights and with some simple changes really bring that wow factor back to your home after the sun goes down.