Patio Lighting Naples

Patio lighting can really make your property look amazing after the sun goes down. Correctly positioned patio lights will highlight your landscaping, architectural design, walkway and inside your patio. These lights also make your home safer at night as walkways are lit up and entrances softly illuminated.

Who Should You Hire?

In Southwest Florida there is no one more talented than our founder and designer Larry Lattanzio at designing and installing patio lighting. He has over 40 years of experience in theatrical lighting which he incorporates into every job we install. Larry will carefully look over your property and design a lighting system which will bring out the true beauty of your house. Our business is located here in Naples, Florida so we know all the local neighborhoods and regulations. We have been installing amazing lights since 2000 with over 800 installs to our credit. You can read some of our review here.

Your House Will Look Like A Rock Star

Larry knows how to make your home look like a rock star at night using outdoor patio lighting. For many years he worked as the stage lighting guy for Alice Cooper. You can read more about his experiences with Alice Cooper here. The key to amazing exterior lighting is to bring out the highlights of the property, make it command attention. This is an art that Larry has developed. We are not in the business of adding flood lights, we add the wow factor to any property.

Get Your Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied

Our guarantee is unlike any guarantee in Southwest Florida and especially Naples. If after we have designed and installed your outdoor landscape lights you are not 100% in love with your lights, we will remove them and you owe us nothing. Absolutely no risk to you. We are so confident in our ability and the landscape lighting we install, we can offer the best guarantee in the business!