Landscape Lighting For New Homes

Incorporating a custom landscape lighting system around your new Southwest Florida home will dramatically enhance and illuminate its exterior features.


If you are planning to build your dream home in the Naples, Fort Myers and Marco Island areas of Florida, skillfully planned landscape lighting will take the exterior of your new home from ordinary to extraordinary. Lightscaping can beautifully enhance the natural landscaping as well as highlight architectural features, walking paths and outdoor entertaining areas. Well-planned landscape lighting brightens around the home serving as an effective crime deterrent.

Lightscaping is low-voltage which is safe even in wet areas around your home. With our lights you can enjoy your home inside and out  both day and night.

What outdoor areas do we typically focus on when planning lightscaping for a new home?

  • Highlighting the home itself – There are options as to how we position the lighting towards your home. A wide beam aimed directly at a wall from a few feet away illuminates and beautifully brightens the wall. Our lighting team will also show how changing the angles of lights will create interesting highlights and shadows. Both options will also accent nearby plants.
New Home Landscape Lighting
  • Creating safe, well-lit pathways – Illuminated walkways are both welcoming and functional around a home. Lit pathways extend hospitality to visitors while making the pathway a secure place to walk.
  • Brightening the driveway – Low-voltage lighting along the driveway enhances custom, decorative brick and paver hardscapes. Proper lighting also makes it easier and safer for you and your guests when entering or exiting the driveway.
  • Lighting for steps – To ensure safety when ascending or descending stairs, the treads or the risers can be properly lit.
  • Entertaining areas – Well-positioned lighting brightens the mood and will brighten your entertaining areas. Lightscaping illuminates task areas like the grill and outdoor kitchen making them functional and safe to use after dark. Lighting also provides a special ambiance around railings, seating areas and outdoor furniture.

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Landscape Lighting For Existing Homes

Residential outdoor lighting can help increase your home’s curb appeal as well as its value. You should be able to see the beauty of the tropics around your Southwest Florida home whether it is day or night.

Landscape Lighting by Lightscapes will keep your Naples home and landscaping beautifully lit even after the sun goes down. Outdoor LED lighting can transform your Florida property into something extraordinary, making your home the Florida haven you’ve always wanted.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a new Mediterranean on a golf course in Ft. Myers, a mid-century modern masterpiece or a cozy beach bungalow on Marco Island, our company has mastered the artistry of how low-voltage lighting can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re pulling into your driveway or looking out the window upon your beautiful Florida landscape, our lighting will make you say, “WOW!” That’s a guarantee.

Existing Home Landscape Lighting

Why have outdoor lighting for landscapes of existing homes?

  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Illuminate outdoor entertaining areas
  • Extend indoor living areas to the outside
  • Well-lit walkways, paths and driveways increases safety
  • Increases your home’s security and deters potential crime

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Landscape Lighting For Luxury Homes

In Southwest Florida, Naples, Fort Myers and Marco Island are all desired areas people are building luxury homes and estates. An undeniable way to provide a more attractive, dramatic flair to the high-end elements of these properties is with professional landscape lighting systems.

It doesn’t matter if your beautiful home is nestled within a gated community or situated on sprawling, manicured land, its commanding presence is meant to be seen, not fade into the darkness of night. Landscape Lighting by Lightscapes  located in Naples can help you appreciate the meticulous property you’ve worked so hard for with professional landscape lighting because we feel outdoor lighting is a true art form. When it is done right, lightscaping will transform an already resplendent luxury home into a luminary masterpiece. Our experts will design an outdoor LED lighting solution to complement your home, landscaping and property. Whether your style is subtle and sophisticated or bright and bold, our landscape lighting team will match your personal style and desires in order to bring out the beauty of your home here in Southwest Florida.

Luxury Home Landscape Lighting

Why choose landscape lighting for an already luxury style home?

  • Our signature lighting systems are low voltage
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee DAUER (energy saving LED lighting) fixtures from Fusa Corp
  • One year guarantee on bulbs
  • If you don’t LOVE it, we remove it. That simple.

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Garden Landscape Lighting

Garden landscape lighting systems enhance a home’s exterior appeal giving green spaces new life after the sun goes down.

The beautiful tropical landscaping around your Southwest Florida home should be enjoyed both day and night. Using subtle, low voltage garden lighting systems, we will work with you to design a lighting scheme that matches your vision to showcases the outdoor areas surrounding your home. Our outdoor LED garden landscape lighting installation provides safe, ambient lighting for outdoor entertaining. Bring your garden to life!

An added benefit to beautifying your outdoor space is not only the admiration of your guests but also the increased security lighting provides for your home.

Garden Lighting Ideas

  • Path lights illuminate walkways for both ambiance and safety
  • Pole lights positioned behind benches provide soft lighting
  • Highlight trees, shrubs, fountains and other impressive features with spotlights and floodlights
  • Well lights showcase flower beds and enhance the look of trees when planted at the base
  • Deck lights enhance safety by highlighting stairs and post cap lights softly brighten entertaining areas
  • Aquatic lighting can be added to waterfalls, fishponds, fountains, pools and any other water features throughout the garden

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Landscape Lighting for the Front Yard and Entryway

Outdoor landscape lighting highlights a home’s entryway and front yard by immediately drawing attention to the most beautiful elements of your Southwest Florida home.

You spend time and money to make your landscaping looks beautiful and enjoying all of your hard work shouldn’t have to end once the sun goes down. With the flick of a switch, you can roll back the darkness and see your home displayed as it should be with an expertly planned outdoor lighting system for the front yard and entryway. Our lighting installations will make pulling into your driveway each night a true pleasure as you will be able to admire the enhanced beauty of your tropical landscape.

Examples of Front Yard and Entryway Lighting

  • Lawn – A front yard is the first impression of your home
  • Walkways – Pathlights make walking to the front door easier and safer
  • Steps – Step lighting ensures safe footing and can be used on wood or stone to highlight craftsmanship
  • Plantings – Illuminating flower beds, plants and shrubs showcases their beauty and ensures these manicured areas do not get trampled upon
  • Walls – Project wide beams of light on to brighten the exterior of the home itself
  • Garage – Spotlight attractive custom garage doors
  • Driveway – Lights long a driveway assures safe navigation
Outdoor Landscape Lighting

We know how important a good first impression is to proud homeowners so our design experts make it a goal to create a lighting system that makes your entryway the star of the show. Entryway lighting will be set to automatically turn on as a way to welcome and safeguard you and your guests, making the walk to your front door a pleasurable one.

What to Consider When Planning Entryway Landscape Lighting

  • Color and size of your home
  • Existing foliage and landscaping
  • Age and abilities of occupants and guests
  • The mood you wish to create when welcoming guests

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Landscape Lighting For the Backyard

Custom landscape lighting for the backyard of your home adds ambiance, security and beauty at the flick of a switch.

Imagine sitting on your lanai, enjoying a beautiful Southwest Florida sunset and then the sun sets. It’s dark and you can no longer enjoy the beautiful, tropical landscaping you’ve worked so hard to create. With a custom backyard lighting system, all that you love to admire becomes aglow and you can enjoy the outside for as long as you desire.   

What to consider when planning backyard landscape lighting

  • The features you already have such as palms, waterfalls, shrubs, etc
  • Do you want subtle lighting for relaxing or brighter lights for security and entertaining?
  • Would you prefer many small lights or a few larger, carefully placed lights?
  • Will you want entertaining areas to be illuminated or landscaping only?
  • Pool landscape lighting

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Picture of Lighted Pool and Lanai Bonita Springs

Deck and Patio Lighting

Light up your outdoor living and entertaining spaces with a signature outdoor deck lighting system.


The temperate weather in Southwest Florida means residents can be outside year-round, so why limit that to the day time only? Whether you are relaxing after a long hard day or entertaining a large party of guests into the night, deck lighting can transform your outdoor space into a nighttime oasis for everyone. Lighting fixtures thoughtfully installed provide more than a solution to dark areas, they illuminate and highlight the beauty of your decking, patio, lanai and property.

Deck and Patio Lighting Ideas

  • Step lighting – tread or riser
  • Post cap lights
  • Fireplace and fire pit lighting
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Fountain illumination
  • Seating areas
  • Hot tub and/or sauna lighting

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Gazebo Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting for gazebos allows Florida homeowners to enjoy their outdoor getaway both day and night, all year long.

Gazebos offer an inviting place to relax in the shade so you can look upon your beautiful yard, read a good book, gather for an outdoor event or even take a nap during a pleasant Florida rain shower. Add ambiance to this little garden oasis with subtle, low-voltage lighting and your gazebo is now able to be enjoyed at night while also becoming an even more scenic fixture in the yard.

What to consider for gazebo lighting

  • Where you and your guest will be sitting and standing
  • Will you be outside looking in or inside looking out?
  • Option to dim and control the brightness of lights
  • Specific landscaping and water features around the gazebo you wish to illuminate for decoration as well as safety

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