Living on the west coast of Florida has many advantages. Here in Naples the traffic, while busy, it not near as congested as the Miami area. Home values are still reasonable for the location. Talk about location. Each evening we are treated to an amazing sunset that’s hard to beat anywhere in the country. With the amazing mild winters and comfortable summer nights, it’s no surprise people here love to entertain outside. After the sun sets, why end your time outside? This is where outdoor lighting can extend your entertainment and gatherings. Adding landscape lighting with an outdoor lightscape has many benefits.

Increase Safety With Outdoor Lights

Lighting up walkways, driveways, pool and patio areas will immediately increase the safety around your house. We certainly don’t wantPool Landscape lighting Naples, Florida our guest to trip or fall in the dark. While we don’t promise it will keep animals from your yard, animals that like to visit and dig in your yard at night be discouraged from visiting. The lighting that we offer carefully lights up areas you choose without shining bright lights indiscriminately or blinding your visitors. We will leave the motion activated security lights for commercial buildings.

Arriving home in your boat after watching an amazing sunset? Arrive at your dock which is lit up to help you load your boat into your lift or dock it behind your house. Lighting up the dock will help passengers leave your boat with sure footing. No two homes we light up are the same. Each house has a custom engineered lighting plan specific to the needs and uniqueness of your house.

Discourage Crime With Lights

Why is it when we go away on vacation we think about putting a light on a timer? We think in our minds that if a light is on, potential thieves might look elsewhere thinking someone is home. So what about the outside of your home? Will a criminal try to crawl in through a window or door if the area is well lit at night? For this same reason, many people have decided to have outdoor landscape lighting installed to give peace of mind, and some added security. We can’t promise our lights will keep you safe, but keeping your house lit up at night welcomes friends and deters uninvited guests.

Increase Home Value

As we mentioned before, we do not install security lighting. Our lights do add some peace of mind and have security benefits. Are you close to a decision on adding lights to your home? Here is another reason why our lights should be installed at your house. Who doesn’t want to add value to their home? The look, the feel you get looking at your house at night adds to the curb appeal, even if the curb is dark! Check out our outdoor lighting gallery when you get a minute. You will see how we take the theatrical approach to make your home look unique and amazing.

We also guarantee that if you don’t love your lights you don’t have to pay! We own the best warranty in the business.