Landscape Lighting Design: Should I DIY or Hire A Pro?

Landscape lighting design is an excellent way to enhance the look of your home’s exterior at night by adding drama, beauty, and intrigue. To achieve this unique beauty, it is always important to have a good strategy in place when designing landscape lighting. However, this design should be left to the pro, but for some Florida homeowners who love DIY, here is our helpful outdoor landscape lighting design guide to lead you through the tips and best practices of landscape lighting design.

Tips and Best Practices for Landscape Lighting Design

First, it is unnecessary to have any electrical skills for installation because most outdoor lighting is low-voltage. An electric wire remover is the only item required for this type of DIY landscape lighting installation. Here are some suggestions for being safe and secure:

Even though LED landscape lights are becoming increasingly prevalent, you do not have to remove any outdated halogen fixtures. With retrofit bulbs, you may still use the advantages of LED technology. Use bulbs with the same base type and wattage to replace the old, incandescent lights.

After you’ve finished planting, you should run underground wire to prevent the possibility of accidentally severing it with a spade.

Getting rid of factory-installed connections is important since standard connectors will only last a limited period buried below before becoming corroded and failing. Gel-filled wire connectors, specifically designed for use outdoors, can be used to splice connections.

A patio should not have its lights pointed directly at it. What works best is indirect lighting, which illuminates trees, stones, and other things in the surrounding area.

Avoid overlapping areas of light if at all possible. Also, make sure that the fixtures are not installed too close.

Why Hire A Professional Landscape Lighting Company

The above tips can help DIY homeowners achieve an optimal design for their landscape lighting design; however, a landscape lighting specialist or a lighting firm specializing in outdoor lighting will provide the most satisfactory result. It takes years of skill to illuminate a home’s exterior to effectively highlight its characteristics and the property’s curb appeal increases. Wonder why you need a pro for a landscape lighting design?

They make every bulb in the house count

Landscape lighting pros have received extensive training to understand strictly which elements of your yard require lighting and which approaches should be used. When you select a professional landscape lighting provider, you can be confident that you hire someone with years of expertise.

Low-stress installation

When you work with specialists, they remove that burden off your shoulders. And they may come back and correct any mistakes they make at no additional cost. If you were to do it yourself, this would not be the situation.

Assists you in feeling safe and secure

Our warranty covers the lighting it installs for you if you contact them to do it for you. If something goes wrong that is not your fault, they will be able to correct it.

Engage the Services of a Profession Landscape Lighting Company

Outdoor lighting systems might necessitate a significant amount of wiring. Having someone capable of doing so and knowledgeable about making this wire appear invisible is vitally essential throughout the landscape lighting installation process. If you’re thinking about adding landscape lighting to your Florida house, hiring professional assistance is advisable.