3 LED Landscape Lighting Options To Keep You Safe

Professionally designed and installed LED landscape lighting options will help keep you safe. Walkways, yards, architecture, trees, fountains and much more can lit up at night to keep you, your family and visitors safe. Here are 3 ways LED landscape lighting keeps you safe.

Security Lighting

It is no secret that thieves are opportunists. Given the choice most burglars will try to break into a home under the cover of darkness, not a well lit up house. Most true security lighting is bright and simply floods the area. Professionally installed LED lights look great and add the safety of lighting up your home. Many people will simply switch off their security lighting when going to bed because its either annoying to them, or the neighbors.

Help Prevent Trip and Falls

The same amazing LED landscape lighting options we install that keeps burglars away, is inviting for your guests. Upon arriving at your home they will feel welcome as pathways and steps are illuminated as they walk on your property. We also light up lanais, fountains and docks around the water. As a host, you would never want a guest to trip and fall and injure themselves.

Keep Your Family & Pests Safe

Lighting up your home allows you to keep watch of your children as they play in the yard during and after sunset. Need to let your pet out at night to go the bathroom? Our lighting keeps you and your pets free of surprise from wild animals. Predators such as coyotes, alligators and even raccoons are deterred by lighting. Not guarantee, but lighting does help eliminate surprise and reduce the risk of injury.

Free Peace of Mind With Every Install

If you have outdated lighting, need new lighting, or want to add additional lighting give us a call. We are the leader in outdoor landscape lighting in all of Southwest Florida. From Marco to Sarasota, if you are looking for the best company, products and service, Lightscapes is your answer. You can give us a call or complete our online form for a free estimate. As always, we GUARANTEE you will LOVE your lights or we will remove them and you owe nothing. We look forward to meeting you! We look forward to meeting you and helping your light up your home!

Updated 3/1/2022