Best Landscape Areas To Light Up

Deciding what landscape areas to light up can really make the difference when it comes to the final look. It’s not just simply pushing some lights on a stick into the group around trees. The type of lights, the color of the light, location and feel all play a part. We are often asked where lights should be placed, or what do we suggest. We figured why not write an article that highlights areas you should like up why and how. So let’s get started!


Adding lighting to exterior walls can really show off the design in a dramatic way not seen during the day. This can include unique uplighting as well as layered lighting. Features like columns, archways, front entries and stone walls or facades can really look amazing with the right lighting. We can show you how to really make an impression after the sun goes down.

Water Features

Something as simple as a bird bath or decorative fountain can really look amazing with the right lighting. Let’s make sure these items in your yard get the attention they deserve. We can help design lighting around the water feature, as well as lighting for the fountains as well. They will also be safer to enjoy in the evening as well with the proper lighting.


When you or your visitors are walking around your property, you shouldn’t be worries about tripping. Pathway lighting is inviting while also providing safety. There are many different styles of lighting for pathways. We will work with you to help you design the right lighting for your property. From simply path lighting to working with decorative shadows to showcase your home. We know the landscape areas to light.

Outdoor Living Space

Here in Southwest Florida our winters are amazing. You shouldn’t have to go inside when the sun goes down. With the right lighting you can make your outdoor living space inviting. Outdoor kitchens, dining spaces and patios require lighting. You want to safely and comfortably enjoy your meal and time with friends. We can help you design the right lighting to accomplish all this while also making it feel super inviting and comfortable.

Pool & Lanai Areas

Of course our pool and lanai’s are natural locations for enjoying the outdoors. Unique lighting and installation options are available for lanai lighting. Our lights are safe around pools, can even change colors and are virtually invisible when not in use. Lights around the lanai can also help you from tripping around the pool and helping to keep you and your family safer.

Trees & Shrubs

We save this for last. Most people think of putting lights under trees when asked about landscape lighting. But really thats only one aspect as you have seen. We are true masters and experts at our work. We approach every properly like a clean canvas. We talk to you the homeowner to understand your style, goals and concerns. We then work closely with you to make sure have it just how you want it.

Landscape Areas to Light In Naples

You must love your lights, or you don’t pay. You gotta check out our warranty. We are the best that Naples, Florida has to offer. We look forward to working you. We can help you to decide the best landscape areas to light on your property!