Palm Tree Outdoor Lights

Why are palm tree outdoor lights right for you? Well, for many of us that move to Florida, the highlight of our landscaping are beautiful palm trees. Seems there are an almost endless variety to choose from. We quickly realize the cost of these palms are just as varied. Why? Some palm trees are slow growers. Others are not native to Florida. You may be surprised to know many of the most popular and beautiful palms do not originate in Florida. While these trees are beautiful during the day, they can really be stunning when they are properly lit up by a professional lighting company with specialty palm tree outdoor lights.

Add Stunning Curb Appeal With Palm Tree Outdoor Lights

With warm evenings just about year round here in South Florida many people enjoy entertaining outdoors. When you light up your palm trees they can really bring your property to life. No we are not talking about wrapping some rope lighting around the trunk of your palm! Carefully designed and placed uplighting from Lightscapes can really bring the wow factor. Our company was built around custom outdoor lighting for homes and businesses. We do not install security lighting. In fact, our background is in theatrical lighting! No one else in Southwest Florida has the experience that we have. Curious about our skills? Read about us in this great article.

Specialty lighting designed for your palms will also look amazing when people drive by your home. Your guests will feel welcomed and the added light can add the feeling of security as well. All without blinding spot lights. We can’t promise anything, but, many people have told us our lighting helped them sell their home and in some cases actually for more money!

Add Some Safety & Security

No one likes blinding spot lights around their home unless they are for a specific use. Lighting up a work yard, playing field or parking lot is different that lighting up your yard. When you have friends over to you home in the evenings you want them to feel welcome. It’s also a good idea to make sure they can safely see walkways, pathways and other obstacles around your property. Palm tree outdoor lights can add and amazing touch by brining your palms to life at night. At the same time the reflected and diffused lighting can help to keep your visitors safe.

Since palm trees are not all the same, neither is the lighting. We carefully consider the type of palm, size of palm along with other key factors during the design stage. We also what to know what kind of effect do you like, and even the color the lighting. With LED lighting the colors we layer (yes we layer lighting!) can really make some stunning options. In some cases we can change the lighting color, have the lights programmed for certain times as well. Every light installation we do is customized specifically for the job.