Commercial Outdoor Lighting Ft Myers

What is it about the evenings as the sun sets and the lights come on around town that we love this time of day? The business signs light up, pathways illuminate and we just love it. We all are visual by nature. We enjoy seeing a delicious dinner almost as much as we enjoy tasting it. In our travels, whether it’s out to dinner or looking for a hotel to stay at for the night, many times these decisions are based on the “look of” the place. Sometimes even more than reviews. This is where Lightscapes can step in and help you with all your commercial outdoor lighting. Why is this so important?

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Gives Comfort

A well lit property is inviting. Perhaps as you are looking over the business you notice how the landscaping lights up, entryways are highlighted. It just feels inviting. Lightscapes of Naples can help you make your business and commercial outdoor lighting more welcoming after the sunsets. Perhaps this would lighting around your outdoor dining area. Perhaps you are a water front business and you want to welcome boaters to your dock.

Adds Safety For Customers

If you invite customers to your business after dark, you’ll want to make them feel safe as they enter and exit your establishment. This may include lights in the parking area. Having a well lit parking area can help prevent accidents. Patrons can clearly see other people walking or cars driving by. When walking from the parking area to your restaurant you can make sure all walkways are well lit.

This will help your customers to avoid obstacles and other possible tripping hazards on their way in. Keep in mind your lighting does not have to be a gazillion watts and blinding. Here at Lightscapes we can design lighting that provides all these practical benefits to your customers without blinding them. Our carefully crafted commercial outdoor lighting design, placement and type will also wow your customers.

Lightscapes has been lighting up homes and businesses unlike any business in Southwest Florida. We take the time to listen to your needs, desires and wants. We then plan out and design a system that is exactly what you had in mind. We even ofter the best warranty in all of Florida. If you don’t like your lights we will remove them and you owe nothing! From Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples and Marco Island, we have you covered.

Read about our lighting designers and how our background theatrical lighting allows us to layer lighting and bring a depth and feeling to any property for less money that you probably expect. Remember we work on residential and commercial outdoor lighting properties. We look forward to hearing from your and bringing your property to life at night!