Lights Installed on Your Lanai

When you move to Florida or spend an extended amount of time here, you realize why we love our lanai on our homes. Enjoying your morning coffee with the mild temperatures to sitting out in the afternoon without the mosquitoes eating you alive. One of the main reason people move here is to enjoy the amazing weather year round. What happens when the sunsets, can you really enjoy your lanai after dark? Yes install lights on your lanai!

What is a Lanai?

The word is not new, but if you are from the north it’s a word that you might not have used often. Traditionally a lanai is a porch with open sides and sometime open roof. Here in Southwest Florida these are almost always screened in to keep mostly mosquitoes out. Up north having a screened covered roof would not be ideal in the winter time. Freezing rain, wet leaves and snow could cause permanent damage to the lanai structure.

Many homes here have a wall of doors, multiple pocket sliders, allowing you to open up your house. This can extend the feeling of a very large room and bring the outdoor lanai into your home. How can you safely get lights installed in your lanai to make your outdoors come alive?

Benefits of Having Lights Installed in Your Lanai

You may have a couple ceiling fans with lights on your lanai. These can provide flood lighting to help you clean the area or provide some safety. Often times you may find yourself wanting to sit outside, but the lights are too bright. With them off its just too dark. So what are your options? You could hang some string lights up that you can order on Amazon.

But are these a good choice? No. Why not? First you are having electric lights hanging above a pool or hot tub in most cases. Even if you don’t have these, when it rains everything gets wet. If you have children or grandchildren that visit there are other hazards including tripping, choking or strangling.

So what are your options?

When you call Lightscapes or schedule an appointment, we will show you some amazing options. First the lanai lights installed are designed to set the mood. Soft lighting that is directed to certain areas will highlight your outdoor space and make it come alive. Our use of LED lighting technology means the colors and the layering of lights can be adjusted to set the mood you want. The lights are designed to last for years in the elements. All the wiring is safely hid to protect the wires and curious kids and pets. Look through our gallery of lights installed on lanais. for our customers. Imagine your pool area with upgrading lighting!

Lights Installed on Your Lanai Can Add Value To Your Home

What kind of value can be added to your home? First the feeling that you get sitting on your professional lit lanai is priceless. You will notice your lights will enhance the mood. Since they are focused and each light has a purpose, you don’t have to worry about bothering the neighbors like you might with flood lights. Our background and experience comes from the theatrical lighting industry. We have experience that no other company in the area has.

The lights installed by us on your lanai will also add value by keeping you safe by lighting up the walk areas around your lanai, illuminating potential trip hazards. Your lights can be programmed to turn on automatically just like your other landscaping lighting we installed.

If you don’t have landscape lighting installed, make sure you talk to us about lighting up your property at the same time. This will save you money on installation and possibly on components that can be combined. Curb appeal on your home will increase as well which could lead to an increase in property value as well.

You owe it to yourself. You have worked hard and have a beautiful home. Make sure you can enjoy it year round and late into the evenings. You will impress your friends and more importantly you’ll love enjoying your lanai even more!