Landscape Lighting Companies – 3 Short Cuts To Choosing

Landscape lighting companies in the Naples area have a variety of services and experience. How can you compare and choose the best one for your project? Do you compare price? Quality of lighting used? Top reviews? What about experience and reviews? Let’s take a few minutes to help you ask the right questions to make sure you get a final landscape lighting project you absolutely love. You certainly don’t want to pay for anything in life and disappointed, and wish you did a little more research.

First Decide What Is Your Goal

What do we mean by goal? Landscape lighting can be set up for mood, dramatic or for security. Some companies are fantastic at installing flood lights and making sure there is no way to approach your house without being blinded at night. If you are looking for more subtle lighting that shows off your landscaping and architecture of your home, then you might want to consider a company with that experience.

If you want lighting installed that helps your guests navigate sidewalks and steps around your home and look amazing, well you have to look a little closer. To find a company that really knows what they are doing and able to install lights that will wow you every night, you need to ask the tough questions. When the landscape lighting companies show up to give you an estimate, make sure you ask questions that really give you an insight into their abilities.

Ask The Tough Questions To the Landscape Lighting Companies

First you need to find out what kind of experience they have. Not simply “years in business” but specifically what neighborhoods they have recently installed in. Ask if they have any past customers that you could call to talk with. Most good companies won’t give you addresses of homes they completed for you to drive by or knock on the door. Honestly, would you want people doing that to you? Ask what the options are for lighting, and if you can see the lighting before you buy it.

The best landscape lighting companies will set up temporary lighting to test and see what looks best and to get your opinion on the look. Why pay for lighting that you haven’t even seen yet! Most importantly ask about the warranty and guarantee. Yes the lights will have a warranty from the manufacture, so these may be similar. Make sure they offer a great workmanship warranty and how long they stand behind their products. The last thing you want is to pay for amazing lights and then have a problem and no response from the company.

Choose To Work With The Best Landscape Lighting Company

Once you have a few estimates and have talked with a few landscape lighting companies the time will come to make your decision. How about we take a guess at who you chose to work with. Lightscapes Inc. of Naples consistently comes out on top. We offer the best service, lighting, experience and more than anything, the wow factor. Take a few minutes and look over our landscape lighting gallery.

You will notice we have the ability to layer light and make your home look simply stunning. Our experience comes from our background in theatrical lighting. You’ll also find our Love Your Lights or You Don’t Pay Guarantee to be the best in all Florida. While we are based in Naples and do many installs here each week, we work throughout Southwest Florida with homeowner that want the best. Give us a call give us the chance to wow you!!