How We Layer Landscape Lighting For Amazing Results

In our post last month we mentioned layer landscape lighting. We thought it might be a good idea to explain what we mean. Also why this is a feature you only get with professionals with many years of lighting experience. There are three main types of lighting we work with, ambient, task and accent. Let’s take each one of them and explain how we incorporate each one to get amazing and dramatic results.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is one we all quickly recognize. This would include lights that allow us to do things or avoid things. Stairs, walkways, entrances and pathways must be properly lit to avoid injury. At a big box store this may be purchasing lights that are specifically made to light up walkways. Other areas where we use task lights include outdoor kitchens, pools and boat docks and decks.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is your general lighting. This could be flood lights for your yard, porch lights or other light to broadly light up areas. Usually this light isn’t focused or controlled but just to give light to a specific area.

Accent Lighting & Layer Landscape Lighting

This is where all the magic happens. Accent lighting can draw attention to landscaping, ponds, trees architectural feature of your house and so much more. The key here is balance and understanding how all three work together. Let’s say you want your yard to be lit up for safety, your walkways illuminated along with a few special trees. By installing some super powerful security lights you can make this happen. A

lthough your neighbors probably won’t be impressed, or like the extra light pouring through their windows. We take your list of goals, and then carefully design and choose the right lights to accomplish the look while making the house look amazing. If you want to see examples of our work, please look through our gallery to see layer landscape lighting. Not sure exactly what you want? No worries! Our talented and experienced lighting artists will walk you through options to get your house looking amazing. Extend parties at your home and keep your family and visitors safe!