Store Bought Versus Custom Design Landscape Lighting

Custom Design Landscape Lighting looks amazing but is is worth it? As most of us are stuck at home you might be looking for projects to do, or things to order to help you work around your home during the quarantine. As you look through the big box store listings online its somewhat confusing. The prices are all over the place. The lights themselves are made from different materials. Then the real question is, how bright is each light. Let’s see if we can break this down for you and give you some guidelines. We want to take the frustration out and give you a look each evening that you love around your house.

Store Bought Production Lighting

There are thousands and thousands of individual styled lights for outdoor landscape lighting. From materials, bulbs, colors, brands, application and more. A store will only carry the items most likely to sell to the most people. This means your choices are limited. It becomes more like trial and error. At the end, you still might not love your lights. Like most things in life a “one-size or one-style fits all” approach just never has the best results. So what options do you have?

Purchase A Custom Design Landscape Lighting System

This option sounds expensive. You might be surprised to know it doesn’t have to be. Here at Lightscapes, we carefully plan and design lighting to meet your desired look. We have access to lighting options that you simply cannot find at a store. We also understand how lighting works including layering lighting. You might wonder how that is possible. Depending on the look you are wanting to achieve we can take several lights using them together to create the perfect look.

We might even be able to use less lights and brighter bulbs in some applications. When you are picking out or buying lights at the hardware store, you don’t know how bright, the color of the light or the angle of illumination. We take the guesswork out. Our technicians are lighting artists and we understand how each light functions and best use. We will design and set up your lighting and “test” it out for you to make sure it’s exactly what you want before its permanently installed.

Our business is based on your total satisfaction. We have the best custom design landscape lighting guarantee anywhere. If you don’t love your lights, you don’t pay! Give us a call or complete our online form. We offer no-contact estimates. We can visit your property and walk around and talk with you on the phone so we understand the project and your desires. We look forward to working with you!