Does Landscape Lighting Increase Home Value – Maybe

People ask us all the time, does landscape lighting increase home value? The answer isn’t easy, but let’s look at what lighting does for your house and when it does and doesn’t increase the value of your house. There are two types of improvements people make to their homes. One is for the upkeep and functionality of the home, AC, roof, windows, doors etc. The second is for their enjoyment. This generally includes, pools, spas, tennis courts and landscape lighting.

When Does Landscape Lighting Increase Home Value?

First let’s consider where your home is located. If your home is one of the most expensive and upgraded homes in your neighborhood it may not add any additional value. It will add curb appeal. On the other hand if everyone in your neighborhood has landscape lighting and you do not, prospective buyers will notice. They may feel perhaps you are cheap, and if you cut out landscape lighting, are there other aspects of the house that are cheap as well? In this second instance adding lights will make your home fit in with the neighbors. If your home is one of the lower priced homes in your neighborhood adding landscape lighting increase home value.

Add Landscaping Lights For Your Enjoyment

The lights we install are not simply because lighting increase home value. This just happens to be a side effect. Most homes we light up are done for the enjoyment of the owners. They want to make their home safer. Perhaps they want to expand their ability to entertain by expanding the use of their outdoor spaces ask dusk or into the night. Many of our customers on Marco Island and Naples want the docks and walkways illuminated after dark. On those evenings when returning from a sunset cruise, they and their passengers can safely exit the boat onto the dock.

No two homes we light up are the same. Give us a call or complete our online form to meet with one of our lighting artists. We will get to know you so we and understand the style and features you want in your lighting. You’ll be able to preview the lights before they are permanently installed. Lightscapes is the local leader in experience and quality. We GUARANTEE our landscape lighting or you don’t pay!