The Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

The best low voltage landscape lighting is a simple modification that can significantly impact the appearance of your residential homes in Florida. With the proper low voltage lighting, you can bring out the best in your trees, gardens, and other functionality in your yard while also providing safe passage along a walkway or around a deck.

Read on to learn why low voltage lighting is the best option for your Florida homes.

What are the types of available landscape lighting options?

There are three types of landscape lighting, each with its installation method: directional, accent, and decorative.

Solar landscape lights

This landscape lighting uses a photographic cell, which charges throughout the day and provides solar landscape lights’ energy. Their installation is the easiest because they do not require any wiring. However, they need six to eight hours of direct sunshine a day for a complete charge.

The Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

These are powered by a transformer, which reduces the standard voltage to 12 volts, allowing them to operate. They are connected to a GFCI outlet located outside. They are primarily used in residential places owning to their safety and energy efficiency.

Line voltage landscape light

Line voltage landscape lights use the same 120-volts as your home’s appliances. It is necessary to utilize an electrical junction box and a conduit to safeguard the wires when installing a line voltage light fixture in your house. And these systems should be fit by a licensed electrician because of local laws.

Why Is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting The best option For Me?

If you’re looking for a way to illuminate your landscape at home,  this is the best low voltage lighting option. Here are some of its benefit

It is versatile

It may be utilized in practically any situation and is very simple to set up and maintain. According to the manufacturer, low voltage lights are suitable for use in many conditions, including moist areas such as gardens or areas around swimming pools. Also, if you decide to modify the style of your landscape, it will be much easier to move around with it.

It is not an expensive option and is very easy to install

In contrast to high voltage landscape lighting, the best low voltage landscape lighting does not need the hiring of a certified electrician to work on the wiring to ensure that everything is up to code before installation. It is simple to install and costs less.

It lowers the likelihood of experiencing a shock

The low voltage decreases the possibility of receiving a shock, and if such a shock were to occur, it would be pretty insignificant. This is due to the low voltage used for connecting the light.

Lights that operate on low voltage are an excellent addition to any outdoor landscape since they are simple to install, safe to use, adaptable, and available in various styles. Also, Florida homeowners can use them in various settings, including pathways and walkways, gardens, open areas, and decks. This allows you to select the design that best complements the overall appearance of your property.