Landscape Lighting Ideas

When the suns starts to set, there is magical time of the when your landscape lighting turns on. It looks amazing and it can really extend time spend outdoors. We get asked all the time to provide quotes and landscape lighting ideas. There really are so many options to lets take a look at the most popular here for the Naples and Ft. Myers area.

Front Yard Landscape Lighting Ideas

Most people start with the idea of lighting up their front yard landscaping. While this is a good place to start, its not just about adding some lights to your flower beds. Here at Lightscapes Landscape Lighting we can help you explore lights where you might not have thought. Perhaps uplighting on a featured palm tree. Or lights showing off the stacked stone on the front of your house.

Pool & Lanai Lighting

Electric lights around water could be dangerous. But not our lights! The difference is the low-voltage LED lights that we use. They are safe and really give that wow statement to your pool area. Pool and Lanai lights are installed on the aluminum structure of your pool or lanai cage. All wires are placed in areas that are either hidden or tucked away to keep everyone around your pool safe. With LED lights, you don’t have to worry about hot bulbs burning anyone, or the bulbs themselves burning out.

Docks and Pier Outdoor Lighting

One of the most overlooked areas around the home is the dock and pier area. Sure you can add some lights to the pilings, but thats just not enough. We can show you some amazing options to make your dock look amazing and safe for your family and visitors. Around the water at night you want to make sure you can clearly see your footing while on the pier and getting on or off your boat. Our dock lights are designed to stand up to the harsh weather here in Southwest Florida. We know you and your visitors will be impressed with your new dock lighting from Lightscapes.

Back Yard Landscape Lighting Ideas

You might think at first, what backyard landscape lighting ideas could possibly be good. Let us show you how you can extend your parties and evenings with your family with backyard lighting. Strategically placed, these lights can highlight features such as trees, landscaping beds or even textured walls. General low intensity LED lights can light up your backyard without it feeling like like you have security lighting on.

Walkway and Safety Lighting

Last but not least of course is landscape lighting ideas for walkways. This is not your solar stick in the ground lights. Our lights are placed to safely light your pathways without being so bring to cause a disturbance. We have many different styles and light diffusing to work with any landscape design. Remember, we take landscape lighting to the art level. Our experience and knowledge will make your lights stand out in an impressive way.

Read our reviews, look at our pictures and then give us a call. We are so confident in our ability to deliver, we have the best landscape lighting satisfaction guarantee in the industry. If you don’t love your lights, you don’t have to pay for them. Talk about confidence. All the guys over here at Landscape Lighting, look forward to working with you to showcase your property!