5 Unexpected Landscape Lighting Placement

Over the past several years, we’ve seen landscape lighting placement evolve in both how often it’s used and where it’s placed. Some of these evolutions have been good (great, even!) while others are…not so much.

When placed correctly, though, landscape lighting can add a subtle beauty to your home that dazzles onlookers and instills a sense of pride in you, the homeowner.

Here are 5 unexpected places you can add landscape lighting to bring your home’s appearance to the next level:

#1: Arbors

Outdoor additions to your property can bring about a sense of elegance, as well as create a blissful ambiance that you can’t help but enjoy. Arbors and gazebos are among the best of these outdoor fixtures to add if you’re going for an outdoor oasis effect.

And, because these types of constructs already tend to draw in the gaze, they make perfect spots for landscape lighting placement!

There are also several unique ways to highlight arbors as well. You could choose a subtle uplight or downlight to create a pleasant visual flow, or you can use patterned lights that make it appear as if underwater!

The choice is yours!

#2: Fountains

Have you ever been out hiking during the evening hours and happened upon a river, pond, or waterfall? The way the moonlight glistened off the water was absolutely magical, wasn’t it?

By installing landscape lighting around ponds or fountains at your home to light up the streams of running water, you can create the same effect! Not only will the addition of lights elevate the already existing tranquility of the space, but it will also make it easier to appreciate at night.

In adding your landscape lighting, you create a soft, peaceful place where you can wind down after a long day.

#3: Potted Plants

One of the most overlooked features of a landscape, potted plants add a certain depth and dimension in the space where they’re kept. If they didn’t, you probably wouldn’t put them there!

By lighting up some of the potted plants on your property, not only are you bringing attention to the paths surrounding them and making it easier to walk around, but you also add an artistic depth to the property as a whole.

The best method to light up potted plants is undoubtedly downlighting. Using this method, a light is installed somewhere above the plant and shines down, reflecting off of the leaves and any shiny surfaces that might be on your pot.

By doing this, you can create a gorgeous twinkling effect all throughout your garden!

#4: Fire Pits

Fire pits are an unexpected area to want to light up (for obvious reasons) but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful under the right landscape lighting.

With fire pit areas, you often find aged brick and gorgeous tile arrangements that can be fully appreciated during daylight hours but then go unloved once the sun goes down. And what point is a firepit area if you don’t use it during the dark hours?

Not only can landscape lighting placement help you navigate to the area, but it also accents the space in a helpful manner so as to eliminate potential accidents and tripping hazards.

#5: Trees

Perhaps the most unexpected choice here, trees are not often thought about when considering landscape lighting.

Generally, the mindset is to highlight the most favorable features of your property, which tends to be the house exterior, the pool area, the patio, and the walkways around the home. When you highlight trees, however, a completely different effect can be achieved.

By casting a warm uplight on your trees, you can bring a depth to your landscape that wouldn’t be achievable otherwise. Not to mention, the light reflecting off the various colored leaves in the autumn season is a sight that isn’t easily recalled.

There’s no doubt—when considering landscape lighting, you should definitely add your trees to your landscape lighting placement list.

Where to Find Landscape Lighting

If you want landscape lighting that exceeds your expectations while remaining within your budget, we recommend getting it done professionally.

When doing it yourself, you run the risk of selecting the wrong kind of lighting, and the supplies can often be more expensive than if you were to simply hire someone. Not to mention the trouble that’s caused if you can’t return those unused lights to the store…

If you want a professional landscape lighting job but don’t know where to start, request a consultation today and receive a free quote for your property!

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