The Newest Thing in Landscaping

Landscape Lighting

We spend a significant amount of money landscaping and maintaining our yards. Choosing the perfect plants, installing fountains and fire pits, and having everything maintained takes a lot of time and effort.  But, as soon as it gets dark all that is lost. By having landscape lighting professionally installed, your home and yard will shine more at night than during the day. Landscape lighting increases your homes safety and value, highlights the most beautiful features of your home, and is the cherry on top for home design.

Expands the Living space

Good landscaping makes indoor and outdoor living possible. It gives you a place to enjoy the beautiful simplicity of nature from the comfort of your home. By having specially designed landscape lighting installed you can amplify this beauty and spend more time outside. This will allow you to get the most out of your investment designing your yard.

Sets the Mood

Most social gatherings are held at night; without the proper lighting, the beauty of your home will be lost on your guests. Good landscape lighting creates an experience in itself for your guests. It can be romantic, exciting, powerful, serene, or any other mood you desire. By having us specially design landscape lighting for your home, we can enhance your favorite tree, the dramatic stone colors of your house, or the beautiful pool you had custom designed. All this beautiful lighting and the experience it provides your guests will keep them wanting more.


A well-lit landscape will also reduce attention from potential burglars. And it does this in a much more attractive way than a security sign stuck to a window. By drawing attention to your yard and increasing visibility, burglars will find it more difficult to target your house than before. In fact, it is so effective at decreasing burglary that many insurance companies offer discounts for increased landscape lighting.

Beyond the safety aspect of decreasing the potential for break-ins, good landscape lighting makes it safer for everyone. Your parents who might not see as well, or young children who aren’t as aware, will be less likely to trip and fall if your paths are well-lit.

Increased Value

First impressions really do matter, especially when determining the value of a house. Professional landscape lighting increases curb appeal and the appraised value of your home. This investment is a long-term benefit, not only will you get to enjoy your perfectly landscaped home, but it will increase the return you get, should you ever decide to sell.

Wow your guests with everything your home has to offer and you will have the house people want to be at. We spend a lot of time and money making sure that our homes look their best. Landscape lighting is an often-overlooked feature that can be the wow factor you need.

We specialize in highlighting the unique features of your home and landscape to bring out the best of it at all times. Let us help make your home the best it can be. After all, have you actually finished landscaping if you haven’t installed lighting yet?

Just make sure you want the company, or you might have to turn off the lights.

Most importantly, your landscape lighting should be a reflection of your success and beautiful home. Bring your home to light with carefully designed and installed landscape lighting. If you have an existing system and you would like to upgrade, add more lighting or just change the feel, let us know. We will inspect your current lights and give you an honest opinion as to what is the best for your property. We may be able to reuse lights and with some simple changes really bring that wow factor back to your home after the sun goes down.