What is Moonlighting?

When mild evening weather is with us, we enjoy the outdoors. Many people love entertaining, or enjoying a meal or after dinner drinks outdoors. In earlier posts we talk about the many different types of lighting that is available to bring your property to life. One type of lighting that we have been asked about is moonlighting. Well what is this and why are many people asking about it?


This is a special kind of lighting installation that allows you property to be illuminated with a soft silvery glow similar to moonlight. Regular landscape lighting bought at big box stores is harsh and is difficult to control. In many cases you can irritate you neighbors as well. Moonlighting is specifically designed to be pleasing to you and any neighbors. Lights are installed high locations allowing for the light to mimic the moon. As you can imagine a great amount of skill is involved in making sure the lighting is properly designed and installed.

Adding Safety

Moonlighting can add a measure of safety to you property as well. Because the lights are soft and non-irritating, they can be left on all night. This mean your yard is safe to walk around in as the light will help you avoid tripping hazards. With soft lighting in place, it may also discourage possible criminal activity knowing they will not have the cover of darkness. These lights will not affect motion lights or security cameras as well.

Adding Beauty

Just as the occasional full moon can bring your property to light once month, our lights can do this every night. Your yard will become a work of art, soft light cascading down from the trees. This lighting can be romantic and really add an amazing touch after hours to your property.

Interested? Give us a call or complete an online request. Lightscapes Inc is Southwest Florida’s most experienced and trusted landscape lighting company. We have the best guarantee in the business and we promise you will love your lights. We design lights for small yards, large estates, commercial buildings and more. Enjoy the amazing weather and days here in Florida by extending your hours outdoors.